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Mossack Fonseca: Fonseca Mora reitera que no han cometido ninguna ilegalidad

Entrevista realizada en el noticiero de TVN-2 Panamá al Lic. Ramón Fonseca Mora, aclarando ante los medios que Mossack Fonseca no ha sido demandada, ni acusada y hace docencia sobre los vehículos legales usados por nuestra industria.

Sue R. Digregorio mar 29 16, 11:48
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Mossack Fonseca & Co.: Practical wisdom and trusted advice

Corporate Governance

The Mossack Fonseca Group applied corporate governance in their firm to provide confidence and security to their clients regarding protecting their assets through the years. The firms don’t stop in improving their processes and utilizing the best technological tools in the market to have a better service for their clients. It has adopted a Business Management System that assures that the firm will continue to follow all ethical standards and the best legal practices.

The firm is eager to ensure the long-term success of its clients as a global corporation with a well-organized corporate government. The corporate governance structure helps to reduce costs, avoid risks and identify problems and strategic opportunities.


The Mossack Fonseca Group is proud to have highly dedicated lawyers. Each of them graduated with honors from different universities in Panama and abroad and has a master's and doctoral degree as well as vast experience in various legal issues.

Exceptional Features

The top feature of Mossack Fonseca Group is its decades of experience in business. In particular, it has 39 years of extensive experience and will continue to deliver excellent service to their clients. The firm's Panama Head Office has 24-hour service; and you can find their office in every continent, which proves their powerful international network. Its staff a member is consists of more than 500 experts around the world and all of them were service and research-oriented professionals. It's also the first ISO 9001 certified law firm in Panama and continues to follow strict due diligence requirements. It acquires "VeriSign" encryption and Central Bank standards for a secure technology platform. They're also motivated specialists seeking solutions for changing business environments. Their client considers their exclusive client portal as a beneficial treat.

Data Security

You can have a peace of mind with the Mossack Fonseca & Co.'s client portal because it is 100% safe. They hold all their servers in-house to provide the most secure and latest protection available to their clients. The firm joined numerous companies and banks who depend on Verisign to keep their clients' information protected because it is considered the strongest encryption available with the most rigorous authentication standards in the world.

Along with those discussed above, the Mossack Fonseca Group will continue to provide top-notching services. You can visit their official website to have a better understanding of their firm.

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Mossack Fonseca Charity Committee hace entrega de Canastas


Con un viajé organizado por el

que dió inicio a las 3am del viernes 11 de diciembre desde las oficinas principales de Mossack Fonseca, un grupo de voluntarios junto amigos y familiares partieron rumbo a la provincia de Veraguas, a la comunidad de Llano Largo, para hacer entrega de las tradicionales canastas navideñas que une a toda la familia Mossack Fonseca en una causa social con los mas necesitados.

A pesar de las altas temperaturas y el esfuerzo físico, la recompensa de ver la alegría reflejada en los rostros de tantas familias no tiene precio. Por esas horas que compartimos con ellos entre las entregas de sendas canastas de alimentos, regalos, juegos infantiles y bazar; que luego culminó con un bien merecido almuerzo, delicioso sanchocho con gallina de patio y arroz blanco hechos a fogón de leña.

Agradecemos a todos los departamentos y personas quienes estuvieron involucrados en la organización y coordinación durante meses para lograr que fuera nuevamente una entrega exitosa.

Sue R. Digregorio mar 11 16, 06:57
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Mossack Fonseca Colombia participa de las Jornadas Tributarias en Medellín

Nuestros colegas de Mossack Fonseca Colombia estuvieron en el evento en Medellín, donde asistieron 350 personas de los gremios en temas tributarios mas importantes del pais como son los contadores, revisores fiscales y abogados tributarios organizada por la la Dirección de Impuestos y Aduanas Nacionales (DIAN).

Fundada en 1977, el grupo de Mossack Fonseca es una empresa global que proporciona servicios de contabilidad, fideicomiso y legal integral.

Con más de 500 miembros en cada continente, grupo Mossack Fonseca ofrece excelentes servicios basados en más de 35 años de experiencia. Como parte de su valor añadido, el grupo ofrece asesoramiento personalizado y una experiencia en línea de clase mundial a través de un Portal virtual del cliente que está disponible 24 horas al día. Nuestra aplicación cliente información Portal web permite a los clientes de las empresas en línea, verificar el estado de las empresas y pagar las facturas, además de otras transacciones.

Edificio Mosfon

Oficina central,

54th street, Marbella

Panamá, República de Panamá

Tel: (507) 205.5888

Sitio web:

Sue R. Digregorio feb 27 16, 09:29
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Mossack Fonseca on Powerful US Congressman Proposes Massive Tax Overhaul

House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady (R – Texas) has disclosed that, under his leadership, the Committee will immediately draft US international tax reform legislation, while laying the framework for more comprehensive tax reform in 2017.

On February 12, 2016, Mr. Brady delivered the keynote address at the Tax Council Policy Institute's 17th Annual Tax Policy & Practice Symposium, and confirmed that, "in the months ahead and beyond, the Ways and Means Committee will be the center of the tax reform discussion and debate. … The code we have is too costly, complex and unfair. It is abundantly clear that now is the time to overhaul our tax system from top to bottom".

Chairman Brady’s proposed changes include:

• Making the tax code simpler, fairer, and flatter

• Replacing the current world-wide tax system with a permanent, modern territorial-type system

• Closing loopholes, eliminating special rules and limiting deductions, exclusions and credits

• Providing businesses both large and small with a competitive tax system, including a fair and competitive tax rate

• Encouraging businesses to locate their operations in the United States rather than incentivizing (effectively) the shift of jobs overseas

Mr. Brady confirmed that the Committee will move forward immediately to draft international tax reform legislation – "as we plan for that finish line in 2017, developments in the global environment demand our immediate attention."

Like the Mossack Facebook at and LinkedIn Page at


Sue R. Digregorio feb 25 16, 09:17
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Mossack Fonseca: China to Stimulate Economy with Supply-side Economics

China will change its business tax (BT) to a value added tax (VAT) this year, which will lead to a reduction in taxation, as per a statement by China’s State Council after a meeting on Jan 22, 2016. The Chinese Government is embarking upon one of the most ambitious tax reform programs in recent history by replacing their BT with a VAT.

For many years, China has operated a dual system of indirect taxes, with a VAT applicable to the sale and importation of goods, typically at the rate of 17 percent. By contrast, most services have been subject to a BT at rates of either 3 percent or 5 percent. These reforms are taking place because a BT is an inefficient turnover tax, which taxes business–that is, it effectively taxes each stage of a supply chain, irrespective of the profit or ‘value added’ by each business in that supply chain. By contrast, VAT is a tax collected by business, but effectively only borne by the end consumer.

Premier Li Keqiang stressed the following points during the meeting:

• The change from a BT to a VAT is a crucially important step for deepening their fiscal and tax reforms.

• The government will further promote the change and better help reduce corporation taxation.

• The changes will exert a positive influence on developing the country’s service industry―and at the same time upgrading industrial and hi-tech enterprises.

• Efforts should be made to encourage the role of the market.

Premier Li also said that while there will be a certain amount of pressure on financial revenues, government at all levels should combine their efforts in order to meet future challenges.


Sue R. Digregorio feb 15 16, 10:49
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Mossack Fonseca promoverá protección de derechos de autor durante el primer Blogger Influencer Week

El primer Blogger Influencer Week se llevará a cabo del 27 de Febrero al 5 de Marzo del 2016 a través de diversos eventos a celebrarse en la República de Panamá.

La División de Propiedad Intelectual de Mossack Fonseca (MIPS) participará del primer Blogger Influencer Week como empresa líder que promueve la importancia del registro de contenido de los blogs y la protección de los derechos de autor.

Los organizadores de este evento buscan principalmente desarrollar oportunidades que realcen a Panamá como una plataforma turística y de negocios, a través del impulso y talento de la comunidad de nacional e internacional con los bloggers e influenciadores más reconocidos y respetados del mundo.

“La ciudad de Panamá una vez más será protagonista de un evento lleno de innovación y vanguardia con el primer Blogger Influencer Week. Como empresa líder de nuestro sector, apoyamos este tipo de iniciativas, con el propósito de comunicar y compartir con a todos los participantes la importancia de registrar y proteger los derecho de autor”, comenta la Lic. Raquel Araúz, Coordinadora de la División de Propiedad Intelectual de Mossack Fonseca.

Agrega la licenciada Araúz que MIPS ha ampliado su oferta de servicios para asegurar la protección completa de las marcas, patentes y derechos de autor de nuestros clientes, evitando tanto la falsificación e imitación de sus productos y servicios a nivel nacional e internacional y generando dinámicas de protección de derecho de autor en nuestra comunidad de talentos

El primer Blogger Influencer Week se llevará a cabo del 27 de Febrero al 5 de Marzo del 2016 a través de diversos eventos a celebrarse en la República de Panamá. Para mayor información sobre MIPS, síga a MIPS en Twitter usando el hashtag:#CuidaTusIdeas.

Sobre Mossack Fonseca

Mossack Fonseca es una empresa líder global en servicios integrales de carácter legal, fiduciario y contable, que cuenta con asesores legales especializados que cubren todas las áreas de práctica y dominan los asuntos relacionados con naves, migración, contratos y propiedad intelectual, así como derecho mercantil en general.

La empresa cuenta con oficinas todos los continentes y tiene más de 500 colaboradores alrededor del mundo; ofrece un servicio de excelencia, con más de 35 años de experiencia en servicios integrales de carácter legal, brindando asesoramiento personalizado y una experiencia de clase mundial con servicios exclusivos en línea, con disponibilidad las 24 horas del día.

Sue R. Digregorio jan 26 16, 06:45
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Extraordinary Features on Mossack Fonseca

Banner Image

  • Experience since 1977
  • 24-hour service  available from our Panama Head Office
  • A powerful global network of offices in all continents
  • More than 500 staff members worldwide
  • Panama’s first and only ISO 9001 certified law firm
  • We follow strict Due Diligence requirements
  • Secure technology platform with “VeriSign” encryption and Central Bank standards
  • Proactive search for solutions in changing business environments
  • Exclusive Client Portal
    • Find updated information on your Company Formation requests.
    • Follow up on your cases and receive notifications by email whenever one of your cases is updated.
    • Consult your price lists.
    • Pay your outstanding invoices

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Data Security at Mossack Fonseca

Your information has never been safer than with Mossack Fonseca's secure Client Portal.


To ensure we can provide our clients with the most secure and up-to-date protection available, we house all of our servers in-house. Our Client Portal encryption certificates use the most powerful secure socket layer (SSL) encryption commercially available today.


VeriSign is one of the most recognizable Internet security providers, and offers the strongest encryption available with the most rigorous authentication standards.


Mossack Fonseca has always provided our clients with the most secure technology available and we join the 95% percent of Fortune 500 companies as well as the world's 40 largest banks who rely on this technology to keep client information protected.

Sue R. Digregorio jan 12 16, 10:04
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Mossack Fonseca Blogger Influencer Week Promotes Copyright Protection in Panama

The First Blogger Influencer Week Will Take Place from 27th February to 5th March 2016

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA--(Marketwired - December 01, 2015) - The Intellectual Property Division of the Mossack Fonseca Group will take part in the first Blogger Influencer Week as a leading company promoting the importance of a blog's content registration and copyright protection.

The organizers mainly seek to develop opportunities to enhance Panama as a tourist and business platform by promoting the talent of the most recognized, respected, and influential national and international bloggers.

"Panama City will once again play a leading role in an avant-garde event that is full of innovation with the first Blogger Influencer Week. As a leading company in our industry, we support these kinds of initiatives for the purpose of communicating and sharing the importance of copyright registration and protection," stated the head of the Mossack Fonseca Intellectual Property Division, Ms. Raquel Araúz.

Ms. Araúz added that they have expanded their suite of services, aka Multiple Intellectual Property Services (MIPS), to guarantee the complete protection of trademarks, patents, and copyrights-thereby avoiding the counterfeiting and imitation of their clients' products and services, both nationally and internationally.

The first Blogger Influencer Week will take place from 27th February to 5th March 2016 with various events to be held in the Republic of Panama. For more information regarding MIPS, please follow @mossfonmips in twitter using hashtag #CuidaTusIdeas.


Lexa de Wittgreen

Marketing Communications Manager


Mossfon Building

54th E. Street, Panama

Tel. +507 205 5888 ext 377

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